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Now is the time for your practice to begin preparing to succeed in 2017 and beyond.

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  • Healthcare is changing whether providers like it or not. Are you ready for the changes?

    The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) ended the Sustainable Growth Rate formula and brings into effect the Quality Payment Program in January 2017. These healthcare laws changes are expected to penalize 70 to 87% of solo providers and 2-9 provider groups. These changes promote emerging care models and new reimbursable care services focused on patient-centered care that extends care management, care coordination, and care collaboration beyond the traditional face-to-face office visits. MyPHTS helps you provide new care services and collect new revenues.

    With MyPHTS, you’ll be ready for the changes.

  • Is your practice at risk of being penalized? Despite working harder and longer hours, are you afraid you might have to call it quits?

    Be proactive instead of reactive. Now is the time for your care team to begin preparing to succeed in healthcare’s future.

    MyPHTS will help you improve your bottom line.

  • Are you faced with trying to deliver cost-efficient care but don’t have the right tools?

    Most electronic health record systems (EHRs) are not designed to help you provide the new care services and meet changing healthcare laws. You want to give quality cost efficient care, but you don’t have the right tools. Sharing your same concerns and frustrations, Practical Health Technology Solutions founding team of primary care providers developed MyPHTS in collaboration with software specialists.

    MyPHTS is the right tool for you.

  • Are you working harder and longer hours while earning less or the same income?

    Many of us practice in fear of losing the things we love such as our freedom to practice medicine in the communities in which we’ve devoted years of service and dedication. We proactively began planning to succeed in healthcare’s future by rising to the challenge of building the technology changes we believed we needed from our grassroots experience and assembling partnerships with other technology solutions.

    MyPHTS will help you succeed into the future.

  • Confused about all the documentation and compliance?

    We have got you covered! MyPHTS is a HIPAA Compliant web-based comprehensive care management solutions portal for chronic care management, annual wellness visits, care collaboration, care transitions management, compliant communication including texting and automated answering service, automated history tool for compliant documentation, HIPAA risk assessment and business continuity plan, and access to a community of experts to help practices succeed.

    MyPHTS experts will help you turn compliance into practice.

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Chronic Health Conditions COST in lives and quality of wellbeing
36 million patients qualify for Chronic Care Management Services.
Annual Wellness Visits support lifesaving prevention & health risks screening
But Annual Wellness Visits are under utilized
MACRA (MIPS) takes effect in 2017
Are you ready…is your team ready?
Now is the time for your practice to begin preparing to succeed in 2017 and beyond
Get your practice in the driver’s seat to succeed
MyPHTS community of experts is ready to work with you at your pace.

What is your practice improvement activity?
Are you providing Annual Wellness Visits?
Are you providing Chronic Care Management services?
Are you your team ready for the Quality Payment Program (QPP)?