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Now is the time for your practice to begin preparing to succeed in 2017 and beyond.

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Healthcare is changing and quality cost-efficient performance matters. Providers and their care teams need easy to use affordable tools that effectively streamline their processes for providing quality care,E-visits while generating new revenues for their practice. MyPHTS Care Management helps providers E-visits bridge the gap towards succeeding in healthcare’s future.

MyPHTS Care Management was created by primary care physicians looking for an easier more effective way to deliver quality care to their patients while continuing to grow their practice by providing revenue generating quality care opportunities.

MyPHTS Care Management SaaS works with most EHRs. It is a HIPAA Compliant web-based patient centered care management portal that automates and organizes chronic care management, care coordination, annual wellness visits, care plans, weight management, substance disorders treatment, population health management, and practice improvement activities.

Providers keep their freedom of practicing medicine while enjoying the benefits of MyPHTS Care Management platform for succeeding under MACRA(MIPS) Quality Payment Program.

MyPHTS Care Management platform

Is not an accountable care organization or any other economic risk sharing entity, or a medical practice or medical group, or a group purchasing organization, or an affiliate of any organized medical association.

Access to MyPHTS Care Management platform is free for healthcare providers and their supporting health team.

Access to MyPHTS Care Management platform allows you to choose from practical and affordable Health Information Technology solutions and experts’ services towards succeeding under MACRA(MIPS).

MyPHTS Care Management platform makes enterprise solutions affordable and practical regardless of your practice size. MyPHTS Care Management solutions and experts can help you succeed under the Quality Payment Program.

MyPHTS is not an EHR. MyPHTS works with most EHRs to help you succeed under MACRA. MyPHTS is user driven and solves real care challenges.

Quality Cost-Efficient Performance matters under MACRA(MIPS) QPP. Let MyPHTS help you succeed

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Chronic Health Conditions COST in lives and quality of wellbeing
36 million patients qualify for Chronic Care Management Services.
Annual Wellness Visits support lifesaving prevention & health risks screening
But Annual Wellness E-Visits are under utilized
MACRA (MIPS) takes effect in 2017
Are you ready…is your team ready?
Now is the time for your practice to begin preparing to succeed in 2017 and beyond
Get your practice in the driver’s seat to succeed
MyPHTS community of experts is ready to work with you at your pace.

What is your practice improvement activity?
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Are you providing Chronic Care Management services?
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